Smart Savings Plans

Put money in Savings for any extra’s in your life and earn dividends while you are doing it.

Regular Share

A Savings Account, also referred to as a Share Account, is an insured, dividend paying account that is required for all members of Diversified General Federal Credit Union. A Savings Account can be opened with as little as $5.00 and entitles you to all the benefits and privileges of being a credit union member! Your $5.00 is your share in the Credit Union, this makes you a member. (See our rates)

As a member you can take advantage of the great low rates on loans and access to all of the services provided by the credit union including personal loans, auto loans, certificates of deposit, checking accounts, IRA’s and much more! Plus, you receive the added benefit of personalized attention and the friendly service of our professional staff. Special Savings Enjoy the flexibility of opening a free  Special Savings account that can be used to save for anything you want. Put aside money for holiday gifts, vacations, large purchases, or even for major monthly expenses and enjoy the convenience of keeping track of these extra pockets of savings separate from your main Savings account.

Club Accounts

These special savings accounts are designed to help you save for the holidays or a special vacation. Accounts are automatically renewed each year, and funds are disbursed by automatic deposit to your Diversified General FCU checking or savings account. Christmas Club pays in October, just in time for holiday shopping! Saving money for a special occasion just became easier with a separate savings account. It’s free. It’s easy. You can earn interest. And, it takes minutes to set up. Make deposits throughout the year or set up automatic transfers from another account and watch your money grow. Early withdraws can be made from either club account with a small fee of $5.00. (See our rates).

Christmas Club

The Christmas Club pays out in October each year, but you can start making deposits any time! Don’t put it off another day. Find out how you can start setting aside a little money each month.

Vacation Club

A Vacation Club can be opened at any time during the year and is a great way to save for that special vacation! It pays out in June.

Kids Club

It's never too early to start developing good money management habits. Help a child in your life build a brighter financial future and open a savings account for them today. No matter what their age, Diversified General Federal Credit Union has the right savings account to help them achieve their savings goals.

Funds Manager

This account is similar to a 3-month certificate. A lower minimum deposit and no penalty for early withdraws makes this account more flexible and user-friendly. Minimum deposit of $500.00 is required to receive dividends. Dividends are paid quarterly on the daily average balance.


Growing your savings during every stage of life.

Now is the time to prepare for your future. No matter what stage you’re at in life, savings now with an IRA can better prepare you financially for your future, especially during retirement. Whether you are just beginning your career, planning for your family, or approaching retirement, it’s never too late to start saving with a Traditional or Roth IRA and take advantage of the many benefits they can offer along the way.

Save it for retirement.

Even if you are soon-approaching retirement or are already retired, you may want to consider increasing your annual contributions (if eligible) or rolling over your other retirement plan assets to an IRA to get the more out of saving while you can.
Remember that the “R” in IRA stands for retirement, which is the main purpose for having an IRA. So you will want to set yourself up as well as you possibly can-as soon as you can-to get the most from your savings when you need it the most. Let Diversified General Federal Credit Union help you get started with your own IRA today.

Share Certificates

The guaranteed way to earn more. Whether you’re saving for a down payment on your dream house or planning for your child’s education – a Certificate account is hard to beat for growing your money without risk. Whatever your long-term goal, a Diversified General Federal Credit Union fixed-rate certificate can help you reach it. You can open a Share Certificate with as little as $500. These certificates are available in terms ranging from 3 – 36 months. Your Share Certificate earns competitive rates. You can have your dividends transferred into your Diversified General Federal Credit Union checking or savings account or allow the dividends to accumulate, creating even greater returns. There is a penalty for early withdrawal on certificates. Rates change weekly. Please ask tellers for current rates.